Who Received U$8,000.00 advert Fee for LBA?

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Stakeholders of the Liberia Basketball Association, LBA, yesterday demanded to know the official of the Rufus Anderson outgoing administration who received the alleged partial payment of U$8,000.00 from Cellcom GSM.

The money, information reaching the Daily Observer says, “is part of U$15,000.00 contract Cellcom-GSM signed with the LBA for its advertisement at the Sports Commission.”

On this issue, Ms. Aklayial J. Andrews, financial secretary of the Liberia Basketball Association told the Observer yesterday that she is aware of the money having been received by the outgoing administration but she could not name any LBA official that might have received it.

“I don’t have any idea who received the money but I have seen receipt of the U$8,000.00 having been received by someone in the admiration,” she said.

Information said the current administration’s term has expired and therefore while officials are working for an election, the funds from the advertising agreement should not be paid to the administration.

Ms. Andrews said she was a signatory to the agreement with Cellcom GSM in 2013 but has never been authorized to receive funds for the association.

When contacted via on a mobile phone yesterday, LBA president Rufus Anderson initially refused to address the concerns raised and even threatened legal action against “anyone who will defame me.”

“I’m the president of the LBA and so if someone is making allegations against me,” he said, “I should know who the person is.”

And when he was finally informed that his financial secretary has raised the issue, he noted, “The LBA has not received any money from Cellcom.”

Some club presidents yesterday, who asked not to be named, said the Administration has not been transparent with the rest of the members to ensure that such an issue does not become a stumbling block to the association’s advancement.

There is an apparent disagreement with club presidents and officials, headed by Anderson, who have been running the Liberia Basketball Association for the last several years.

“The current administration has not made much difference,” said one club president, “and I think it is about time we bring a new leadership that can make a difference.”

With such lack of confidence in Anderson’s administration, it makes sense to believe that the forthcoming leadership elections will not be too close to his liking, another official told the Daily Observer.

“We are also determined to take legal action against the Administration on this money issue,” another said.

Due to the unofficial time last night, contacts made to Cellcom-GSM representatives for clarification proved unsuccessful. However, Mr. Anderson has also been accused of the Administration trying to deny certain interested club presidents the chance to contest for the presidency in the forthcoming elections.

Evidently, for the Administration’s financial secretary to raise an issue about who might have received funds for the association, indicates how challenging Anderson must contend with the rising tide against his leadership.

He indicated yesterday, “As president of the LBA,” suggesting that he has a great deal of confidence in his role but his determination to contest the elections, with an apparent divided leadership, is clearly a recipe for disaster that may haunt his ambition.

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