Who Handles Sports Commission Revenues?

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While the current struggle to understand who is eligible to run for the basketball leadership is taking a legal course, one question that comes to mind is: who is managing revenues from the use of the Sports Commission?

True, the Sports Commission has to be cleaned and managed and therefore it makes sense to agree that the embattled administration of Rufus Anderson is doing just that.

Ok fine. Then the next question is: since churches and other groups have always rented the commission, what happens to the money? And it is also true that the frequency of the use of the Sports Commission means that lots of cash is generated.

“The best person to ask is Shakara,” said a basketball enthusiast yesterday, when he joined others to participate in the first session of the End Time Coming Alive three-day crusade in Monrovia.

Shakara is Mr. Dennis K. Hubbard Sr, president of Sac Base who works like a manager at the commission. At a recent interview, he admitted that though the Sports Commission is rented out to churches and musical groups, “sometimes the money is not that much.”

He would not admit that proper management could bring more revenues to basketball development. And really this is a big problem, for it creates the tendency to put all the blame on the government.

And so it makes sense to argue that if the management of the Sports Commission is done effectively and properly revenues accruing from it could aid in the development of the game.

The present sorry state of basketball development in the country is blamed for the poor progress of the game and it is therefore no surprise aggrieved stakeholders are looking for Anderson’s head. And this is where someone has to tell owners and presidents of basketball teams to redesign their strategies to take basketball from those who are not prepared to see it progressed.

The Ministry of Youth & Sports once again has much to do to ensure that sanity is brought to sports administration in this country.

The MYS must reinforce its strict guidelines and must ensure that any federation or association that fails to live up to its expectation I sanctioned without compromise.

I hope someone is listening at the Ministry of Youth & Sports.


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