Who Gains from Sports Commission Rentals?

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If the Sports Commission on Broad Street, first expanded for the development of Liberian basketball by Cletus S. Wortoson, will fulfill its major objective, then somebody somewhere at the Ministry of Youth & Sports should be speaking.

And fast, too.

For since unsuccessful attempts to secure leaders for the Liberia Basketball Federation, the outgoing administration has continued to rent the Commission and no one is speaking about what is being done with the money.

That was the position of a group of aggrieved basketball stakeholders who granted an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday.

“We are supposed to develop basketball,” a spokesman told the Daily Observer, “and since the Ministry of Youth & Sports has remained mute on what should happen to basketball, someone is doing business with the Sports Commission.”

He said, “And no one is asking questions.”

A source at the Liberia Basketball Association told the Daily Observer that the outgoing administration, under Rufus Anderson is handling all business transactions with interested performers and churches.

“The current program is from March 23-28,” posters printed by the church reported to save souls for Christ.

“We are supposed to play basketball at the Sports Commission and since we are unable to reach a common ground and the Ministry of Sports is also not helping the process, basketball must suffer,” said an angry basketball player.

He said the Ministry of Youth & Sports must set out clear instructions to all those interested to develop basketball without fear or favor.

“If the outgoing officials don’t seem to agree with aggrieved stakeholders on the way forward and vice versa,” he said, “the Ministry must look into it and make the right decision for basketball.”

So while the leadership crisis is lingering, the LBA administration continues to rent the Sports Commission, and aggrieved stakeholders are asking, “What is happening to the money?”

Though no official source could confirm what was being done with the money, a young man who refused to identify himself yesterday informed the Daily Observer that “Everything is being done by Mr. Anderson and his team.”

“All I know is that Mr. Anderson is handling matters concerning the Sports Commission’s rentals,” he added. Though with the inactive action of the Ministry of Youth & Sports to make it happen, many observers are wondering how long the fate of basketball will be allowed to hang in a balance.

Someone yesterday suggested churches having programs at the Sports Commission must pray to redeem basketball.

A telephone contact to the Ministry of Youth responded, “The Ministry is not overlooking the basketball situation and will come down with a decision very soon.”

But how soon, is what many observers may want to know to get basketball into the hands of those who are prepared to die for its development.


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