Weah X1 Hails Skipper’s Senatorial Post

Partial view of former George Weah X1_web.jpg

Lone Star former veteran midfielder, Kervin Sebwe has expressed thanks and appreciation to Senator-elect George M. Weah for his election, adding, “We are proud of you.”

Sebwe said the overwhelming election of George M. Weah as Senator of Montserrado County has dispelled the negative thought that a footballer’s career ends on the pitch.

The famous Lone Star number 6 player made the brief remark on Saturday, January 3, at the headquarters of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) during the program marking his victory speech.

The retired international player encouraged Senator-elect Weah to serve up to the expectation of the voters.

“Your election has lifted our spirits that we too, can make it,” Sebwe said. “We are all very, very proud of you. Our presence here is to identify with your success and to give ourselves the courage that we too can make it.”

Kervin’s remark was climaxed with a popular football song, which they usually sang before a game.

“Adonai is our mighty spirit….we will never fear to foe…play Lone Star play…”

Some of the former players were James Salinsa Debbah, George Gebro, Christopher Wleh, Oliver Markor and Jonah Sarwieh.


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