Volleyball League Begins Sunday


The volleyball club of the flying and daring “Falcons” is expected to host the “Dream Team,” on Sunday, May 1, at 2:00 p.m. to kick-off the 2016/ 2017 National Volleyball League, the Liberia Volleyball Federation (LVF) has announced.

In the second derby, defending volleyball champions, Spartans would meet Strikers.

The league will be held at the Right to Play Gym in the King Gray Community, Paynesville.

The resumption of the league after a two year hiatus will see nine teams in the men’s category, including three new teams.

However, former volleyball champions Mighty Barrolle, Giants, Sinkor House and Convet Twelve have not registered to take part in the league.

LVF President Cllr. Moifee Kanneh said the opening games would follow a formal program and Deputy Sports Minister Henry B. Yonton Sr. is expected to do the “official volley” to initiate the league.

Accordingly, there will be free registration and transportation allowance of L$1,000 to each team for each game day. Furthermore, there will also be refreshment and medics.

Dissenting View of the League

The Technical Director of the LVF, Otis Nyanneh, who is also the head coach of the national volleyball team and coach-player of Mighty Barrolle has protested against the commencement of the league.

Nyanneh said Cllr. Kanneh’s leadership is in violation of the constitution because there must be elections before the league, quarreling that elections shall be held every four years during congress.

Nyanneh maintained that the tenure of the present leadership ended since March 5, 2015, since elections were held March 5, 2011.

Ministry’s Silence?

The Daily Observer has reliably learnt that since the Nyanneh’s group has written the Ministry for its intervention on April 6; however, the Ministry is silent on its request.

Reports said the Ministry has blamed its silence on the ongoing Intra-Governmental League, which is expected to end on Friday, April 29.

Another report said the Ministry’s silence is because it detected that though the LVF held its elections on March 5, 2011, the Ministry formally recognized Kanneh’s leadership in 2012, after a thorough investigation, owing to internal conflicts.

Subsequently, in that same year, the Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) also recognized the LVF.

The Ministry has resolved Kanneh’s leadership is not in the wrong, because its legitimacy began in 2012 when both the Ministry and the IVF gave their recognition.

Election in December
The volleyball boss has condemned the protest and maintained that elections would be held in December 2016, which would either be during or at end of the league.

Kanneh said his leadership was formally birthed in 2012 upon recognition from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the international volleyball body.

Cllr. Kanneh stated that an election commission would be set up appropriately.

He, however, boasted that since 2012 the federation has received its annual allotment from the government, which has been used efficiently for the promotion and development of volleyball across the country.

He indicated that Liberia has an exceptional standing relationship with the Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) and the Continental African Volleyball (CAVB).

He said his federation pays US$150 annually to FIVB and US$350 yearly to CAVB.

The LVF has participated in over four international congresses and competitions, and has benefitted from about six international training.

He noted that LVF enjoys excellent relationship with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, but not with the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC).

In 2010, the LNOC expelled the LVF from its membership owing to what the LNOC described as “the lack of free, fair and transparent election in the LVF.”

The LVF leadership condemned the expulsion, arguing that the LNOC’s decision was unjustifiable because its election was free, fair and transparent.


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