Team Bility Sweeps FA Elections

Madam Ciata Bishop and FA Boss Musa H. Bility at the_web.jpg

The continuity message of Liberia’s football chief Musa H. Bility which was bolstered by CAF and FIFA officials aided the re-elections of eight Executive Committee members last Saturday in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The re-elected officials included Musa Shannon, Vice President for Administration, along with three new and favored members.

As expected Mr. Bility was re-elected unopposed for another four year-term, along with Madam Ciata Bishop, the president of Island Queens – a novice, who has not made more than two years in football.

Bilty’s team pushed and earned a tsunami votes from the 50-member delegates. Beach Soccer was denied representation, due to a motion from LISCR boss Mustapha Raji that it is yet to have an annual league to gain qualification according to the statutes.

Musa H. Shannon received 34 votes while Sekou Konneh of FC BYC got 15 votes to mark Konneh’s second loss to Shannon.

For the Vice President for Operations (VPO) post, Mr. Adolph A. Lawrence for his first time in his political life tasted defeat to Cassell Kuouh 8-39.

The nine elected Executive Committee members include: Madam Rochell Woodson, 41 votes; Dee-Maxwell Kemayan, 39 votes; Uriah Glaybo, 38 votes; D. Sheba Brown, 37 votes and Ansu Dorley, 35 votes.

Others are: Bishop John Allan Klayee, 34 votes; Mr. Wallace G. Weiah and Samuel Y. Karn, 33 votes each and Mr. Matthew P. Smith, 31 votes.

According to the vote cast, Mustapha Raji, 20 votes; Wilmot Smith, 15 votes; Korpo Beatrice Kpoto, 12 votes; Lemuel Sherman, 10 votes; Cyrus Wright and Samuel Ashley, 8 votes each; Yanqueh Borsay, 7 votes and Adolphus Harmon, 5 votes.

Before the votes, candidates Adolph Lawrence and Mustapha Raji and other stakeholders protested that it was un-statutory for the casting of votes in the ballot box to be done in secret.

They said only the ‘marking of ballot papers’ should have been done in secret.

According to the stakeholders, Article 17 of the LFA electoral law says the ballot box should be closed and placed in a visible position near the members of the electoral committee.

The protest was rejected by the Malcolm Joseph’s Elections Committee and seconded by CAF and FIFA officials, John Sampon Kablan and Almamy Kabele Camara.

Interestingly, prior to the casting of ballots the Vice President for the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Almamy Kabele Camara told delegates that CAF has absolute confidence in President Bility and therefore delegates should elect those that Bility wished to work with, for peace and harmony in the promotion and development of football.

Mr. Camara also told the delegates that his representation in the LFA’s Congress spoke volume of CAF continued support to Liberia and mandated delegates to stand up in appreciation to see Liberia in the 2016 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) as promised by Bility.

The two-time defeated candidate for the VPA post, Mr. Konneh, said the election was free and fair and extolled the Malcolm Joseph’s Elections Committee. Mr. Raji also congratulated the winners, but said the casting of ballots in secret was a violation.


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