SWAL Must Wake Up, Declares Richard Manuba

Richard Manuba.jpg

ELBC’s Richard Manuba last Friday declared his candidacy for the forthcoming, Jan. 24, presidential race of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia, SWAL.

Making an official announcement at the PUL offices of his intent to run for the Jan. 24 presidential race on Clay Street in Monrovia, Manuba said modernization indicates new levels of development and it is time for the SWAL to wake up with the times.

“That is why,” Manuba said, “the association (SWAL) must face the challenges with a credible leadership.”

As a result, he said, “I declare my candidacy and I come to the task with a high level of commitment.”

He told the gathering that if elected, his administration will embark on three key issues.

“The first is to make SWAL an institution to be able to work with development partners.

“Second is to seek corporate support and sponsorship since the association cannot depend on membership dues for improvement and third SWAL will be strengthened to make it independent.”

He spoke of the reactivation of the Herbert Grigsby Forum, along with a monthly SWAL Activity Report Lecture Series that will bring leaders of all sporting organizations to dialogue with SWAL.

“We will then be able to understand the problems that say Martial Arts or Taekwondo is facing and then work together to bring results,” Manuba said.

Manuba said the welfare of SWAL members is high on his agenda to ensure capacity of the members.

He assured SWAL members that if elected, his administration will work with the University of Liberia to ensure that a scholarship program meant for sports journalists benefits the association.

Manuba has worked as a journalist for the last thirteen years. He is expected to graduate from the University of Liberia this year, 2014.

His degrees are in sociology and mass communication.


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