SWAL Elections Postponed

SWAL Election Commission Chairman Sirleaf.jpg

The pending elections of the Sports Writers of Liberia (SWAL) scheduled on Jan. 24 has been postponed by the Elections Commission due to some discrepancies in the listing of its membership , the commission’s chairman Momolu V.O Sirleaf announced yesterday.

Chairman Sirleaf took the decision after the commission had a brief but crucial meeting with candidates, outgoing officials and other stakeholders of SWAL at the Press Union of Liberia’s headquarters in Monrovia. The elections are now slated for Feb. 7, 2014.

The listing discrepancies were unearthed by the Elections Commission as a result of a protest filed by one of the presidential aspirants, Mr. Leroy Sonpon who suspected manipulation.

Chairman Sirleaf said of the 134 names presented 16 are not members, while 15 registered members were deliberately or accidentally left out.

Sirleaf said to make the election process freer, fair and transparent there was a need for the election to be postponed so that the membership list could be better scrutinized and those left out included.

He said the listing would be a reconciliatory listing, meaning every registered member, whether financially obligated to the institution or inactive for a while will all be included.

He indicated that the new listing should be sanctioned by the outgoing president, Fumba Kanneh, chairman of the membership committee, and the Secretary General, Roland Mulbah, who is contesting the presidency.

The new official list, he said should be presented to the commission Monday Feb. 3, 2014.

Meanwhile, in his protest letter to the chairman of the elections commission, Mr. Leroy Sonpon made reference on the discrepancy, especially the addition of some non-members while other active members’ names were left out.

   He therefore craved the commission’s intervention to investigate and determine the validity of the list to promote the intent free, fair, transparent and independent elections.


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