SWAL Challenged to Expand Activities

SWAL’s Vice President Gazeawu, President Mulbah and_web.jpg

Sports writers and broadcasters must expand their coverage throughout Liberia, LIBA President Dee Maxwell Kemayah said last Friday.

He told newly installed officers and members at the YMCA in Monrovia, “We do not want to only hear and read about what has happened on the field of play.”

He said, “It will interest the people of Liberia to know that some Liberian sportsmen and women are discovered by SWAL across the country.”

He urged the new leadership to exemplify good governance and must be transparent and sensitive to issues affecting the association and the sporting sector in Liberia.

“You should strive to build on what your predecessors left,” he said, “and you must introduce constructive activities to build the association.”

In his inaugural address, President Roland Mulbah said sport is a catalyst for development and assured the members of his administration’s commitment.

He appealed for focus and told his friends that he would stand for accountability as well as empowering SWAL members.

He promised a vibrant leadership and noted that “capacity building will be a major component of my administration.”

He appealed for the membership’s unwavering support and urged all to put away malice.

Present at the occasion were the guest of honor, Cassell Kuou Jr, of FC Cassell, LFA’s vice president for administration, Musa Shannon, SG B. Alphonso Armah, Mamie Kpoto of Keitrace FC, Wilmot Smith of Georgia FC and EC member Samuel Karn and Mustapha Raji of LISCR FC.

Raji and Wilmot Smith offered scholarships to SWAL and a rally at the end of the program earned nearly USD4, 000.00.



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