Stakeholders Differ With “US$9,000 Honorarium” Waiver


Members of the Executive Committee (EC) of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) have sharply reacted to a suggestion to waive their honorarium in the interest of football development.

Mr. Ansu Dorleh and Madam Rochell Woodson, on behalf of the EC members who are seeking re-election said the honorarium is their entitlement according to the statutes and stakeholders shouldn’t use it as a cheap political campaign to derail their character.

The EC members in bitter and uncompromising tones made the statements on Thursday, March 13, 2014 during a debate amongst EC members in the ensuing LFA elections, organized by the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL) at the headquarters of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) on Clay Street.

Mr. Dorleh maintained that honorarium for EC members is also practiced at FIFA and CAF, and therefore practicing it Liberia, should not be discouraged.

For her part, Madam Woodson, the chairperson of Musa Bility’s elections campaign for the re-election of two sitting vice presidents and seven EC members, including two new EC members, clarified that they received US$8,523 instead of US$9,000 and receipt of the money was done through EcoBank through financial assistance of EC D. Sheba Brown.

The current debate stemmed from LISCR FC President Mustapha Raji’s who described the honorarium as “holistic receipt” which is meant to be paid US$250 per month for over four years, but was fully taken in a year.

Raji also urged members of the EC, if elected, to join him waive their honorariums to the development and promotion of grass root football.

He said waiving their honorarium will also signify EC members’ interest and the funds can be used to decentralize football and to enhance the league.

Raji’s suggestion was first made last year and it was supported Mr. Sekou Konneh, a candidate for the post of the Vice President for Administration.

Recently, Mr. Konneh told the Daily Observer that the money could be used for the 3rd and 4th divisions.

For his part, the former Secretary General of the LFA, Yanquah Borsay, said the receipt of the total honorarium in a year is a misapplication of funds and said what would have happened to the honorarium of person who replaces an EC member who may have resigned, removed or dead.

The Yesterday’s debate was attended by some of the current EC members, which included: Wallace Weiah, D. Sheba Brown, Ansu Dorleh, Samuel Karn and Matthew Smith.  The newcomers are Wilmot Smith, Mustapha Raji, Cyrus Wright, Yanquah Borsay, Beatrice Mamie Kpoto and Adolphus Harmon.

Tomorrow’s debate will bring the two vice presidential candidates, Musa Shannon and Sekou Konneh, while presidential and vice presidential aspirants Musa Bility and Cassell Kouh will also take the stand.

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