Snowe to Launch US50, 000 Fund Drive for Monsterrado County


The Monsterrado County Steering Committee for the 2013 National County Meet will this Wednesday organize a one-day fundraiser to raise U$50,000.00 to support the county’s football, basketball and track and field teams in the up-coming national sports festivity.

The Steering Committee has meanwhile called on all citizens and residence of the county to turnout in their numbers and rally their support for the county.

The Steering Committee chairman Mr. Alieu Bah told reporters that tomorrow’s rally will officially begin at 10a.m. with a parade from the Monrovia City Hall to Monrovia.

Mr. Bah said Monsterrado County Legislative Caucus and County Superintendent will attend the occasion.  

He said the Monsterrado sports teams are fully prepared to compete for this year’s trophies.

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