‘Simple Failures Responsible for Noise in Basketball’

LNOC boss Philipbert Brown and Basketball Presiden_web.jpg

The widely perception that basketball players are smarter so should their administrators has taken an opposite trend with the appalling saga involving the Rufus Anderson-led administration of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA).

LNOC president Philipbert Brown, (who also served as president for the LBA for 10 years), has had similar thought, but now is constrained to defer.

For a fact the Liberia Football Association (LFA) has been relatively peaceful because of its traditional and annual congresses and has had successful leagues.

Brown said LBA president Rufus Anderson’s refusal to follow simple things such as the staging of an annual congress to discuss the association’s financial reports has obviously vilified his reputation.

Brown said if a leader cannot give account to his organization it means such a leader has failed to lead.

He made the assertion yesterday at the LNOC headquarters on Randall Street, in Monrovia and it stemmed from recent meetings where he has joined Deputy Sports Minister Henry Yonton and mandated the LBA to hold a congress before elections and the provision of congressional documents to basketball stakeholders, 15 days before congress.

Brown said the refusal of the LBA to follow through was the reason the Ministry in consonance with the LNOC nullified the 2-day congress and election which was to kickoff last Tuesday.

The deferment marked the third postponement – the first date was January 28; later to February 6 and 7, and then to February 17 and 18.

Besides the refusal of Rufus Anderson to adhere to the MYS-LNOC’s mandate, the aggrieved stakeholders, headed by Malcolm Joseph, Ali Sylla and Calvin Diggs have accused the LBA of allegedly registering 14 non-existing third division clubs.

Meanwhile, in an effort to remedy the situation, a resolution was signed which compelled the LBA to present the current bank statements and receipts of the Association to determine the legitimacy of the contested 14 clubs at 11:00am to the offices’ of the Deputy Sports Minister.

The resolution also mandated the LBA to deliver the congressional documents to the Ministry for onward distribution to all qualified teams; and registration for election is open including for clubs who are obligated to the Association are also given additional time to settle their arrears, amongst others.

It may be recalled that the last two years of the Rufus Anderson’s administration suffered huge criticism and setbacks. The opening and ending of its national annual leagues went without major sponsors, and fans highly took interest in most of the games, except for the basketball giants, LPRC Oilers and the NPA Deadly Pythons’ games.

Mr. Anderson, in several interviews, accused his detractors, but unfortunately, one of his chief rivals, who is a Legislator, Rep. Solomon George, was about to lobby for the allocation of US$100,000 for basketball.

The accountability of US$100,000 and some US$8,000 from the Cellcom GSM Company caused the annoyance amongst stakeholders.


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