Raji Blames Government for Lone Star’s Failure


LISCR FC’s chief executive officer, Mustapha Raji has blamed the Liberian government for the continuous dismal performances of the national football teams as its failure to extend substantial financial support to football development.

Raji said the incessant budgetary allotment of US$500,000 to support the national teams, which including training and participation, is like a drop in a bucket.

In a mobile phone interview yesterday, Raji said for Liberia to regain her morale in football, the government must step up its resources to the national team.

Raji, who recently accused the Musa Bility leadership for the country’s recent poor display for refusing to listen to his advice to withdraw from all international competitions, owing to the insignificant support from national government said the government must give millions of dollars to the Liberia Football Association (LFA).

“The money will help the national teams for training, attract and motivate cream of professional Liberian players, with qualification bonuses as well as plane tickets and other related football matters,” Raji said.

He said according to conventional wisdom, athletes are motivated by winning and successes, but financial support is cardinal in this making.

Raji said with the government’s support, players would begin an earlier and intensive training to become master of patterns or skills required to play well and develop that freedom to play without fear of the aftermath incase of injury.

He added that players would have a “purpose” to play beyond the supposed desire to win games.

Comparing Liberia and other countries in the preparation of their national teams, Raji said Liberia can’t even be graded zero, but with a negative number, because mathematically a zero is greater than a negative number.


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