‘No Democracy in National Team Selection,’ says JNJ

Veteran Coach Johnson, (right) says national_web.jpg

Veteran soccer coach Josiah N. Johnson has said that the selection of players for the national soccer team, Lone Star, must not be done in a democratic fashion.

He told coaches at the CAF License C seminar at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium last week that it is important to build the national team around the most successful team in the country.

“If I have my way,” he said, “I will insist that the current national team must be built around champion club, Barrack Young Controllers.”

He said BYC is the current the current best team among the pack in the country, and Johnson said a few other players could be brought selected from other clubs to strengthen the team.

“During my days as a coach,” he said, “I had three teams: IE, Barrolle and St. Joseph’s Warriors to deal with.”
He said he always used the bulk of the players from the then leading club, Invincible Eleven, with few players from the other two.

He commended the coaches, numbering 28, for choosing a career that has negative challenges to develop Liberian youths in the area of their choice.

The CAF License C seminar was handled by Liberian CAF Assessors, Francis Tamba and Henry Brown. Tamba is the president of the Liberia Coaches Association, as well as CAF Education Officer, while Brown is the technical director of the Liberia Football Association.



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