Nimba vs. Bassa @ County meet: ‘There Were No Violations’

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Outgoing Youth and Sports Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe said yesterday that there were no violations in keeping with the rules and regulations of the County Meet, the Liberia Football Association and FIFA’s Circular No. 1147, concerning players Jerry Wleh, William Freeman, Zizue Kollie and Sekou Bayon during the match between Nimba and Grand Bassa Counties on January 6 and 7.

According to the protest last week Thursday, Nimba County’s administrative manager Musa Kromah complained that Grand Bassa played with four illegal players which included Trokon Jackson, Sekou Bayoh, Jerry Wleh and William Freeman.

Minister Nagbe, who is also chairman of the Appeals Board, said as a result of the match, Grand Bassa’s victory over Nimba County still stands.

On Tuesday, the Protest and Grievance Committee ruled on a ‘replay’ between Grand Bassa vs. Nimba, which is no longer necessary.

The LFA said Grand Bassa cannot be held liable for violating the Regulations on Player’s eligibility on player Sekou Bayoh because he was not fielded and did not violate any rule.

Meanwhile, the Appeals Board said Grand Bassa County’s piece of evidence used by the Protest and Grievance Committee and the Competition Committee of the LFA did not meet the requirement of Article 25 Section 1.5.

The Board said there was no written communication from the LFA to the parties as required by Article 25 Section 1.5 of the LFA 2015/2016 Rules and Regulations informing them of the decision on the actions of player Jerry Wleh.

“A player shall be eligible to participate in the day’s game, when the player’s name and particulars are registered on the referee’s game sheet and inspection formalities; and a player whose name is registered on the referee’s game sheet and does not appear for inspection after the first half of the match shall be declared a non-participant.

“No inspection shall take place after half time; and a suspended player(s) who is registered on the referee’s game sheet for the day’s match and is not fielded in the said match is not guilty of participating in the match,” Minister Nagbe said.

He further said that referencing FIFA Circular No. 1147 concerning the “non-participation of players,” player Sekou Bayou was never fielded in the match between Liberia and Guinea in the CHAN Competition, which is not an A-Level Competition, and is thereby not an illegal player.

Meanwhile Sen. Thomas Grupee of Nimba County on behalf of the County and Steering Committee yesterday announced the withdrawal of the kickball team from the County Meet.

Nimba County lost 48-50 points to Grand Bassa in basketball on Tuesday at the Sports Commission. Previously, Bong County thrashed Nimba County from the Volleyball category.

However, Montserrado meets Lofa in the semifinals which kick-off tomorrow, while Bong is expected to host Bassa Friday.

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