MYS: Now Takes Ownership of Sports

Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe

Youth & Sports Minister Eugene Nagbe and Deputy Sports Minister Henry B. Yonton have received commendation for the August 14 action that sets focus and provides guidelines for the administration of sports in the country.

In a validated document released on August 14, the ministry took a bold step to produce what Yonton described in his message as a “catalyst for all subsidy receiving federations and associations to work within set perimeters…thereby providing access to establish measurable indicators to track their activities/deliverables in consonance with work-plans and by-laws and constitutions…”

The document is clear on the whys and hows to develop the various sports and explains the ministry’s constitutional role as the representative of the Liberian government.

As clear a document the guidelines made it clear that the ministry nonetheless must be cognizant of the Liberian lackadaisical attitude of ineptitude that could undermine the focus and therefore the ministry must be pro-active to initiate effective prevention methods so that it could overcome what may threaten the clear objective of the measure.

I have been impressed with the clear directions as the Guidelines provide and I am inclined to believe that with such coordination and supervision, there would be a greater chance for Liberian sports to move to another impressive level, only if the ministry does not show any weakness in the rules’ enforcement.

The ministry’s recommitment to maintain a reasonble level of oversight suggests a remarkable recognition of measures to demonstrate effective management of everything that is involved in sports development.

What is left to be seen is the frankness of those charged with the responsibility to manage the various sports; their passion to work with the guidelines as well as their willing to see the Ministry of Youth & Sports as a partner for sports development.

Hence, for a start, the ministry must urgently call contending parties to the current leadership crisis in the Liberia Basketball Association and insist that the case should be withdrawn from court for clear thinking maneuvers, as recommended by the president of K-Delta female basketball team, Abraham Samukai so that contentious issues could be examined and resolved.

The ministry should not entertain any threat from any quarter that may threaten to complain to outside partners of the government’s interference since the future of basketball is the business of the Liberian government with outside support.

The ministry must be clear to the contending parties that since administrations change from time to time, the interest of basketball players are more important and therefore there can be no compromise on issues that are frivolous and do not encourage progress.

With clear cut insistence, the successful resolution of the basketball crisis will demonstrate how far the ministry is serious about the guidelines that are meant to encourage common sense development of sports to benefit those who are interested to play it.

Technical committee members Chairman Kareem Nyanneh, Co-chair J. Bryant McGill, members Napoleon Jaeploe, Ausbon Reeves and Secretary Frederick Massaquoi deserve equal commendation for the new way forward for sports. Thanks gentlemen!!


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