Musa Bility Intensifies Campaign for FIFA Top Job

Bility is out searching for confederation support.jpg

LFA chief Musa Hassan Bility is an ambitious man who wants to be part of the elite group that determines the future of global football.

He told the Daily Observer in a telephone interview last night that he was on his way out of the country, destination Russia to participate in the World Cup draw, on Saturday July 25 at the Konstantin Palace, St. Petersburg, and to also seek support for his bid to contest for FIFA’s top most job, next year.

“I’m on my way to meet partners,” he said indicating that he is determined than ever before to engage in a fair contest.

FIFA said special elections will be held for the presidency on February 26, 2016, and outgoing President Sepp Blatter is still holding on till the special elections. With candidates for the position of president slated to be selected in October this year, Bility is reaching out to those whose contributions could make a difference between success and failure.

A recent report indicated that UEFA President Michelle Platini, 60, is being favored as the candidate from Europe and four out of six confederations want him to be the next president of FIFA.

However, the Frenchman has not made a decision to contest the presidency, but he reportedly held talks in Zurich last Sunday night with Asian Football Confederation (AFC) president Sheik Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, along with Kuwait’s FIFA executive member Sheik Ahmad AL Sabah.

With Bility’s trip to Eastern Europe, sources say he may garner support from unlikely but significant sources that want to see an African, who began his announcement for the FIFA job, by pointing to the need for financial accountability as the way forward to restore FIFA’s global bruised image.

Though Bility did not say or rather he was not in the position to clarify areas or countries his current trip would take him, a source at the LFA told the Daily Observer that his trip is intended to secure favorable support for his presidential bid.

Since his announcement, Liberians at home, some of course, have reacted unfavorably but it has not dampened Bility’s determination to walk where angels have not.

Many of his countrymen have spoken about Bility’s boldness to demand what he has the right to do, and have commended him for that.

“Let him go like the others,” one of his supporters said, “if others can contest for the job then of course Musa can also do so.”

Though many have said he must concentrate on improving local football others have said he could do more for Liberian football when he secures the top job at FIFA and therefore he deserves Liberians moral support.


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