Musa Bility for FIFA President?

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The news of Liberia Football Association president Musa Bility’s declaration to vie for the presidency of the world football controlling body, FIFA, following the resignation of Sepp Blatter might not have come at a better time.

Musa’s application is yet to reach Zurich and he has begun to give direction of which FIFA should go to redeem itself from the financial missteps that has rocked the world body. Bility seems to have already decided that regaining confidence in FIFA is the first step.

But wait, is Musa not rushing too much? Since his declaration many people, including his own compatriots are not welcoming his ambition. Some have already said his ambition for the FIFA top job must have a reflection of what he has been able to achieve for his country’s football. Many others have also said Liberian football is crying for a savior and therefore if he has the ambition to promote football in the world, he must start with his home. “Charity begins at home,” they yelled.

And what are the specifics why Musa must start the development of football from home? Sadly, what those who hold a different view about his intention forget to mention is that it is not Musa but the Liberian government that has ‘refused’ to allocate enough money to develop football.

In fact to hold Musa accountable for the unattractiveness of the game, we need not forget that technology has brought to our various communities things that were staged cinemas, some years back.

In truth many of those who don’t seem to appreciate Musa’s ambition to contest for FIFA presidency are so much addicted to Euro-TV football that they cannot see themselves spending their time watching Liberian football neither can they stop playing Winners. But the issue at stake here does not have anything to do with how successful a candidate’s football program is at home. It is about leadership and the ability to bring innovation to football management. If Sepp Blattar could be FIFA president; if Issa Hayatou could be CAF president, then of course our own Musa Bility could be FIFA president.

One would also hold the opinion that Liberia needs additional stadiums, and that is true, which is the responsibility of the national government.

Many people not in favor with Musa’s desire, for their own personal reasons should not consider his intent as a joke. Yes, that was what many people thought about George Weah who proved them wrong and set a legendary football record for the world.

Go Musa, Go!!


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