Mary Broh Recommended to Replace Snowe


Most Liberians, especially males in a recent poll have recommended Madam Mary Taryonnoh Broh, dubbed as General Broh and Hurricane Broh, to be appointed as chairperson of the Lone Star Mobilization Campaign.

Montserrado County District # 6 Representative Edwin M. Snowe has been the chairman of the Lone Star Mobilization Committee since 2012.

They said Madam Broh is preferable because she will not only rally to get the needed funds but help rekindle the spirit, value and morale of the national team ahead of the two games against Togo and Tunisia in the 2017 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

The suggestions were made on the Facebook Page of the Darius Dillon Center for Intellectual Exchange.

Over 200 persons stated YES and want Madam Broh to replace Rep. Snowe.

Liberians expressed their recommendation under the discussion:

Mr. Joseph Tozay said: “Yes, her leadership will make a massive success to the team.”

Madame Ruth Baryogar: “Yes, she’s very hard working.”

Mr. John Williams: “Mary Broh gets things done…”

Mr. Cole M. Davies: “Madam Broh is the right person yaaa!”

Luminus Desayuo: “She is very hard working, her work brings results.”

Madam Broh worked as head of the Presidential Task Force; was once Acting City Mayor of Monrovia, Director of the Passport Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Managing Director of the National Port Authority and currently, Director General of the General Service Agency.

It may be recalled that the President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Musa Bility reappointed Rep. Snowe amidst rumors of lack of accountability for US$80,000, stating that the Snowe Committee made a complete report to the LFA and he cannot make it public.

He insisted that the Snowe Committee is only accounted to her employer, the LFA Executive Committee. The failure to make the Snowe Report public has raised eyebrows but the Committee maintained that the financial report is transparent.

Liberia tops Group A with nine points, while Tunisia, Togo and Djibouti has 7-7-0 point (s) respectively.
According to the fixture, Liberia would play host to the Sparrow Hawks of Togo on the weekend of June 3-5, and play her last game away in Tunis against the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia on the weekend of September 2-4, 2016.


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