LVF Frowns at LNOC’s Interference


The Liberia Volleyball Federation (LVF) said it would remain “adamant and unapologetic” to the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC) because its membership suspension was unfair.

President Cllr. Moifee Kanneh said the LVF had a free, fair and transparent election in 2010, which was supervised by the Ministry of Youth & Sports. He disagreed that the LNOC termed the exercise as political interference.

The volleyball boss maintained that the LNOC’s decision was excessive and personal, and they would therefore not bow to re-election, merely to be readmitted to the LNOC.

Cllr. Kanneh spoke to the Daily Observer over the weekend in an exclusive interview in reaction to the LNOC’s directive to the Liberia Basketball Federation (LBF) to have re-election in 90 days, because its recent election was not free, fair and transparent.

The volleyball boss said they were unduly barred from all activities of the LNOC in 2010 which refused to observe its successful elections.

Cllr. Kanneh said since the suspension the LVF has been carrying on its annual activities –national league, school programs and training.

He stated that without the LNOC’s input, they have benefitted from international trainings and congresses.

The LNOC is the local governing body that represents the International Olympics Committee and sponsors technical training for athletes and technicians to participate in Olympic Games. The LNOC was established in 1954.

The President of the LNOC, Philipbert Browne said the recent basketball election has procedural errors.

Recently, the LNOC said Liberia Handball Association’s provisional membership has been suspended owing to the lack of free, fair and transparent election, which handball officials have rejected.

“The LNOC does not have the authority to suspend and compel associations to do their bidding,” a handball official told the Daily Observer. “We have our rules and constitution that govern our associations.”


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