Local Coaches in CAF License ‘A’ Training

Partial view of coaches in CAF License_web .jpg

Twenty two coaches drawn from various leagues in the country are currently attending the Confederation of African Football ‘A’ License coaching course, which started on Monday, June 1 at the headquarters of the Liberia Football Association in Monrovia.

The LFA is underwriting the full cost of the course, CAF Education Officer and Coaching Instructor Francis Tamba said.

Coach Tamba and another CAF Coaching Instructor and LFA technical director Henry Brown and coach are conducting the month-long seminar.

Former national team coach, Kaetu Smith, who is serving as Deputy Technical Director at the LFA, is assisting the duo but will be climaxed with a test to be conducted by an expatriate.

The course has been divided into two parts, with the first scheduled from June 1-26, and the second tentatively scheduled the last week of June or early July.
Entry requirements for the course are: CAF License ‘B’ holders or its equivalent with two years’ post-graduate practice. Other licenses from accepted confederations that are equal to CAF License ‘B’ will also be considered, Tamba said.

The CAF A License is the highest coaching qualification on the continent and that is meant to develop the game to higher heights after a successful Licenses C and B seminars, according to Tamba.

This is the first ever-highest football license course to be held in the country since 1936. The CAF coach license began in 2010.

According to the class schedule, lesson runs from 8:00am to 6:30pm daily from Monday to Sunday.

Some of the topics are game analysis, speed of play, field 11 verses 11, goalkeeping, method, practical coaching, exercise physiology, laws of the game, mental training, tactics, defending, attacking and off-side tactics, amongst others.


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