LNOC Boss Wants Tennis Crisis Resolved


The President of the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC) Philipbert Brown has said the lack of  tennis  activities in the country for over nine months due to a court’s injunction is ‘tremendously affecting’ the over 200 kids who are involved  in the game.

He told the Daily Observer yesterday that the Ministry of Youth and Sports should hasten its intervention to resolve the tennis leadership crisis.

The Olympics boss said the importance of sports in the life of athletes, especially the younger ones, is invaluable and goes much further than the basic answer that "it keeps kids off the streets.”

Mr. Brown said despite the LNOC’s disappointment over LTA Secretary General and other members of the Executive Committee refusal to adhere to their ‘verdict,’  nevertheless they are worry and concern about the pivotal role sports play in the development of athletes.

When contacted Deputy Ministry of Sports Dionysius Sebwe via mobile phone yesterday said the Ministry will make a formal decision next week on the LTA after final consultations with the LTA Secretary General J.F. Dexter Puieyou and Acting President Houssein Cheaitou to withdraw their complaints.

Director of Sports at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Navarro Saykie recently threatened to lock the offices of the LTA at the SKD Sports Complex if its leadership crisis, presently in court, was not resolved. At the time, LTA Secretary General Puieyou said he was willing to withdraw the case only if he could get financial assistance, an amount that he did not disclose, to pay his legal fees.

When Director Saykie was informed on the request, he said flatly that the Ministry did not have money to assist the withdrawal.

When LNOC President Brown was informed on the request of Secretary General Puieyou to withdrawal the case, yesterday he said if the two parties request the LNOC’s intervention, it will make a determination to help the withdrawal.


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