LIFRA Joins Ebola Fight

Football referees packing the anti-Ebola items_web.jpg

The Liberian Football Referees Association (LIFRA) has donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital worth about US$2,000.00 in the fight against the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

The items included 200 pieces of head caps, 110 pieces of isolation gowns, 100 pieces of nose masks, 15 packs of gloves (100 pieces in each) and six packs of surgical masks (50 pieces in each).

Others were 12 pieces of overhead isolation gowns, seven pieces of spectacles, three rolls of plastic sheets and a rain wear.

The donation was made last Wednesday on the first day of the reopening of the Ebola-hit St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital after three months of closure.

Chief of Referee Lamin Kamara said the anti-Ebola items “are to help the hospital in its continuous services to the Liberian public.”

“As members of this organization, (LIFRA), we are making the donation as our effort to help fight and eradicate this killer disease from our country,” Kamara said.

Receiving the items, the hospital’s acting administrator Dr. Bernard I. Benda thanked the referees for the donation and disclosed that the hospital has finally reopened to the public, with only eight beds for inpatients in the maternity ward.

Dr. Benda said the remaining 16-bed capacity and the opening of the pediatric ward would come later to its full pre-Ebola capacity. The details of the reopening will be announced later.

The Joseph’s Catholic Hospital shut its doors in July when nine staff members, including four missionaries and five Liberians, were killed by the Ebola Virus Disease.

They included Rev. Fr. Miguel Pajares, Rev. Br. Patrick Nshamdze, Rev. Br. George Combey and Rev. Sr. Chantal Mutuameme.

Others were Layson Wilson, Mrs. Tetee Dogba, Ms. Lanrene Togba, Mr. Dominic Wesseh and Mr. Richard Kellie.


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