LFA Reinforces Support to SWAL


To ensure that members of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia, (SWAL) are held accountable for what they write and broadcast, LFA president Musa Bility has said that only current SWAL ID Card holders will be admitted to its programs.

“We want to complain you whenever you write or broadcast inaccurate information about us,” Bility said, at the end of year press conference last Saturday at the LFA headquarters in Monrovia.

He said the LFA will also hold sports journalists responsible for unbalanced reporting that they themselves may not realize it because of their inadequacy or their inability to get correct sources for their reports.

“This year 2016 we want to learn from each other and as journalists you probably learn every day but that does not mean that we should accept when you attribute statements to me that I have not said,” he said.

He warned both the LFA and sports journalists must be accountable for what they say, and it need be, “I will seek redress in the court of law.”

He made specific reference to a certain newspaper that quoted a report by Transparency International discussing the loss of millions of dollars in FIFA, and used his photograph on that report.

“That story did not have anything to do with me or the LFA,” Bility said, “and yet my picture was placed on the story to give the lazy reader the impression that I was involved in the story.”

To complain bias reporting for immediate redress, he said is to ensure that all sports journalists are accredited by the Sports Writers Association of Liberia.

“From now only sports journalists with SWAL current accreditation will be allowed to conduct their affairs at the LFA and other areas under our control,” Bility said.

Mr. Bility’s position might have stemmed from his recent experience with his FIFA presidency bid where the Ad-Hoc Elections Commission used unsubstantiated reports in the media against him.

In his first rejection, the committee noted two types of beaches which it claimed undermined his eligibility as a candidate. One was Liberian related issues in his involvement in cases in the courts of Liberia, though he was never found guilty of any, and the other was his suspension by CAF.


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