LFA Issues ‘Definite’ Warning to Clubs

LFA meets Clubs on clubs licensing regulations_web.jpg

The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has issued a stern warning to clubs to obey CAF’s Club Licensing System (CLS) and avoid their positions being declared vacant.

The LFA has set Wednesday, July 17, 2014 as the final deadline for all clubs to officially communicate with the LFA on their standing about the notice.

The football house sounded the caveat recently when the LFA president Musa Bility and other members of the Executive Committee, including the Secretary General met with first division club managers.

According to the LFA, key among the requirements are: affidavit of ownership of club, practice pitch (at least up to three clubs could join), office space, prove of financial capacity to bankroll salaries, a technical director (minimum high school graduate).

Though the LFA’s mandate is in pursuant to FIFA and CAF directives and in particular CAF circular dated November 26, 2013, on Clubs’ Licensing System, some clubs are urging the LFA not to threaten them of losing their position.

The stakeholders who begged not to be identified reminded the LFA to take into consideration the country’s poor economy and be flexible in the implementation of the CLS.

The club presidents stressed that there should be a deferment and the LFA should meet CAF to set-up a role-map in achieving the Club Licensing System or else most clubs would pull out and hundreds of youths will lose their jobs, which will affect their families.

The football stakeholders also argued that the LFA, like in Nigeria, should set up a Body or Committee which shall be responsible to decide on whether a License shall be granted an applicant on the basis of the ‘final approved documents provided.’

They further said there shall be another Body or Committee, called the Appeals Body, which shall be responsible to decide on appeals submitted in writing and make a final and binding decision on whether a license shall be granted.


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