LFA Election: Bility’s 2 ‘Trusted Members’ Deserve Scrutiny

President Bility, and his two ‘trusted’ vice presidents when they last swore to work together_web.jpg

The president of the Liberia Football Association was reported to have said (Daily Observer, Feb. 25 issue) that nine of members of his current administration are ‘trustworthy, committed and hardworking,” that he is campaigning for them to go with him, which I think he is wrong about two of them.

My concern is about at least two members of the team, his vice president for administration, Musa Shannon and vice president for operations, Adolf Lawrence.

Let me start with Mr. Adolf Lawrence. For the greater of last year, he was under suspension for acts that were inconsistent to the policy of the Liberia Football Association.

There were several appeals made to President Bility and I have followed events when Mr. Bility would not budge to change the decision of the Executive Committee to lift Mr. Lawrence’s suspension.

Mr. Lawrence is the same Hon. Adolf Lawrence of District #15. He is responsible for the development of his district, and some of those responsibilities include securing more money for sports development, particularly in his district and the country as a whole.

When he was suspended by the Executive Committee of the LFA, it was a slap on the face of all those he represents in the House of Representatives.

Where was the trust when he was suspended? President Musa Bility gets more explaining to do, if he believes that a man who did not respect the rules of the very association he is vice president, can now be a trusted companion in his next elections.

What did Hon. Lawrence achieve for the LFA as ‘vice president for operations’ before his suspension and after his suspension that Mr. Bility can drum into our ears that he deserves to be a trusted candidate?

I got a clarification that in other West African countries, lawmakers are part of the football association. So what? Is it not too farfetched that the lawmaker who should encourage his friends in the House for funds for sports development is the same one who does not trust the little ones down there and therefore he must come down to join the party to see the funds’ management? There is no record elsewhere that Hon. Lawrence raised funds at the House for sports development.

The next person is vice president for administration, Musa Shannon. With all due respect, Shannon has failed his colleagues, since he, as a former Lone Star player, joined the LFA.

What can Musa Shannon show his former colleagues that he did for them? As it was written about him some time ago, the best he has done for Liberian football is the Lone Star’s trip to Iraq. Many of his former colleagues have complained bitterly about Shannon’s cold shoulder and unfriendly attitude.

As the only presidential candidate, Musa Bility must have been offered the presidency on a silver platter, but that does not mean that he must carry those who did not contribute much to his administration with him. Stakeholders who have the gavel to vote should weed out those who have done nothing to help the development of Liberian football.

Editor’s Note: The opinion expressed here is that of the writer’s.


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