LBF Elections May be Postponed Again

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If constraints facing outgoing president of the Liberia Basketball Federation, Rufus Anderson continue to make it difficult for required documents to be provided for club presidents as agreed on January 27, the suggested dates of February 17 and 18th for congress and elections may be postponed.

When the agreement for the elections was reached for 17th and 18th this month, it was clearly stated that the outgoing administration would submit congress documents on February 2, fifteen days before the dates, to club presidents for consideration.

“The documents were supposed to be ready for pick-up from February 2nd,” said a club president who expressed disappointment to the snail pace work of the outgoing administration, “and at least one year financial report should have been ready for us.”

Congress documents, according to the agreement reached by consensus of the Ministry of Youth & Sports at the end of a heated discussions in consultation with the Liberia National Olympic Committee, should be deposited at the Ministry of Youth & Sports.

A Youth & Sports source told the Daily Observer yesterday that outgoing President Anderson needed more time to get the documents together, due to what he described as “constraints,” though the source could not explain what the constraints are.

“The outgoing administration needs time to get the documents done,” the source said, noting that the documents must reach club presidents at least two weeks before the congress and the elections, which were set on February 17th and 18th.

He said club presidents would have to read and examine any document from the LBF and get their concerns ready for congress, at least in two weeks’ time.

An LBF source told the Daily Observer that “we are working hard to get the every necessary document to all involved so that no one will have cause to complain.” He was however, silence on the delay, which in effects violates the agreement.

By yesterday, February 5, a Ministry of Youth & Sports source confirmed that the administration is yet to submit the required documents. There is a high possibility, according to insiders that if the administration does not provide the documents on time, club presidents would set up an interim administration to lead to congress and elections.

“We can even plead to the Ministry and the LNOC to simply get an Elections Commission to supervise an election,” a club president said.

“In that case,” he said, “Anderson’s re-election bid will surely be in danger.” Anderson has led the LBF, sometimes known as Liberia Basketball Association (LBA), for the last four years, one of the years suffered the presence of the Ebola Virus Disease.

He has been criticized for poor administration because, before the Ebola Virus Disease, leagues would end in the rainy season and league closures were held off, with his administration complaining of lack of money.

“His administration has received from the Liberian government U$100,000.00 on a number of occasions,” said a club president who asked not to be named, “and basketball has not moved forward.”

Meanwhile, club presidents yesterday in a meeting expressed interest in a new leadership that has the vision to move basketball forward.

Since the administration could not provide required documents on February 2, club presidents, under the Basketball Presidents Association said even if the documents are submitted today, it would still require 15 days for review, which would push the elections and congress to new dates.

Information received late last night suggested that ‘some’ documents may have been sent to the Ministry of Youth & Sport but there was no official confirmation.

“If the administration could provide the documents on February 2,” a club president said, “plus fifteen days, means congress and elections could be held on the 17th and the 18th,” pointing out that as it stands now, new dates are possible.

He said, “If the documents are received today, Friday, we will still need the required 15 days and it would mean the elections will get new dates.” So while the delay is described as ‘constraints’ outgoing president Anderson’s opponents consider it as his attempt to prove that his administration is unable to provide the documents required.

And that is a situation that his opponents are too clever to use against his re-election bid.


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