LBAPA Wants LBA General Assembly


The president of the Liberia Basketball Association Presidents Association, Mr. Edwin Fahnbulleh has called on the Liberia Basketball Association to call for a general assembly.

In an interview after a meeting with several presidents of the association last Wednesday in Monrovia, Mr. Fahnbulleh outlined several issues that he felt should be settled before the next national basketball league.

“The current administration under Rufus Anderson has been unable to conclude the league on time and we need to come together to see the way forward,” he said.

He explained that since the league is yet to be ended, it means that the next league might start around March and that will lead the games into the raining season.

“The raining season means league matches will be postponed which will affect team preparation because we lose funds,” Fahnbulleh said.

He noted that at the general assembly, all the members of the association will be able to examine Liberian basketball’s progress and make decisions that would affect basketball development in the country.

He said there have been reports that the current administration has requested teams to pre-register for the next league season but pointed out that pre-registration is unnecessary because it would mean that the administration needs urgent funds to carry out the final closing program of the last league that is still on-going.

Also commenting was Mr. Calvin Diggs, president of Flames Basketball Team, who said LBAPA’s decision to request Anderson’s administration to call for a general assembly is consistent to ensure the way forward for the development of basketball in the country.

Diggs said the LBA should be open to all members of the association so that through such transparency, basketball will get the support needed for its growth.

Mr. Jairus Harris of Timberwolves Basketball Association said while the current administration has one year left, it makes sense for LBA to call for a general assembly to iron out what has been hampering the development of basketball in the country.

When contacted yesterday, LBA President Rufus Anderson said while the constitution of the LBA provides a general assembly, the request by those concerned should not be done in the media.

“We have an executive committee and there are procedures to follow to get the General Assembly on course,” he said, though he denied that there is any organization known as LBA Presidents Association, (LBAPA).

He said his administration is open for consultation and willing to work with all members of the LBA to move basketball forward in the country and noted that the proper way is through accepted laid down rules and through the media.


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