LBA Reacts to MYS Position on LBA

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Following the strong position from Youth and Sports Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe to level “drastic and appropriate action” to resolve the basketball leadership crisis, the outgoing president of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) in reaction, has threatened to complain to the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) for political or outside interference.

Outgoing LBA President Rufus Anderson, said today, 31 March, the Executive Committee is expected to resolve and come out with a ‘resolution’ on the way forward for basketball and would send a copy to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Liberia National Olympics Committee (LNOC).

Mr. Anderson in an uncompromising tone told newsmen on Monday in his Sports Commission’s office on Broad Street that the LBA would be constrained to send a report to FIBA if there is an interference, which might undermine its constitution.

According to him, since Thursday, February 12 FIBA has requested the LBA to give situation report on Liberia.

“In the interest of basketball we have decided not to report to FIBA what has been happening in Liberia since January, but let us say we have videos and written documents and might send the report after our Executive Committee’s resolution is overlooked,” Mr. Anderson said.

He said “Let me say, everyone has passion for the promotion and development of basketball, but if seven out of 42 stakeholders can hijack the peace and stability of basketball without retribution then we are obligated to also stand tall.”

This means, if the MYS wrote the LNOC with a Term of Reference (TOR) to resolve the basketball leadership crisis that might suspend the constitution, the LBA boss said and he would complain to FIBA that might lead to the suspension of basketball activities in Liberia.

It may be recalled that last Friday, Youth and Sports Minister Nagbe expressed his disappointment on the internal wrangling in the LBA and said he was resolved to level “drastic and appropriate action” in basketball to save the county’s second popular sports from dying.

Minister Nagbe said the Rufus Anderson’s leadership and the aggrieved stakeholders have exhibited stubbornness during meetings and so the Ministry is constrained to intervene.

“We won’t allow basketball to die,” Minister Nagbe said.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has the statutory right to intervene at the level in which the basketball leadership crisis has reached.

The outgoing president who is seeking re-election, for about two months, has been under severe pressure from aggrieved stakeholders over his alleged financial and administrative malpractices.

Since January 2015, the LBA election has been cut-off four times and during the fourth attempt two of the stakeholders were reported to have engaged into a fistfight.


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