Lawrence, Shannon in War of Words

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The divisiveness in the ensuing elections of the Liberia Football Association created a scene of war of words between the two current Vice Presidents of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) with each other raining insults.

The sitting Vice President of Operations Adolph Lawrence has described members of the LFA Executive Committee, including Musa Shannon, “as sycophants and insincere stakeholders,” while the Vice President for Administration Musa Shannon described Mr. Lawrence as deceitful  and distrustful.

Speaking on a local radio on Wednesday, Mr. Lawrence, who is seeking re-election for the third term, pledged his unwavering support to the president of FC BYC, Mr. Sekou Konneh for the post of Vice President for Administration and stressed that Sekou could be better than Shannon for the development and promotion of the game.

The Montserrado County Representative clarified that his temporary suspension from the Executive Committee was owing to his advocacy in the civilization of running football, coupled with the sycophantic behavior of members of the EC who are not able to confront the football chief Musa Bility on “the ills in running football, unlike him.”

Mr. Lawrence, responding further predicted Mr. Kuoh Musa would be another “sycophantic stakeholder” who has moral problem, evidently due to usage of double names Thomas McClean and Anthony Cassell Kuoh. He vowed to maintain his winning record.

Mr. Shannon, in reaction, said Mr. Lawrence is “deceitful, distrustful and very problematic.”  Shannon said he believed Rep. Lawrence “will spread his deceitful behavior in the 53rd Legislature” in which he is a member.

LFA VPO aspirant, Mr. Cassell A. Kouh, Sir., dismissed his moral problem allegation and described Mr. Lawrence as problematic and distrustful and based on that “I will win the VPO elections on a landslide.”

Adolph Lawrence pledged his support to the president of FC BYC, Sekou Konneh for the post of Vice President for Administration and stated that he is against the uncivilized “way of running football that caused my suspension.”

Meanwhile Musa Bility’s campaign team has formally announced Cassell A. Kouh, Sr., as its choice for the Vice President for Operations post.

The Chairperson of the Musa Bility’s Campaign Team, Rochell Woodson and Chief Strategic Ansu Dorley said the replacement of Adolph Lawrence is owing to his ‘deceitful character,’ a claim which Adolph Lawrence vehemently denied and described the intention as “unsurprising calculated attempt.”

Madam Woodson on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) said their decision is also based on the support of Mr. Lawrence to Sekou Konneh for the VPA position.

The Bility’s team named their team as follows: Musa Shannon, VPA and Cassell A. Kouh, VPO; the nine members on the EC include: D. Sheba Brown, Ansu Dorley, Wallace Weiah, Rochell Woodson, Matthew Smith, Samuel Karn,  Bishop J. allen Klayee, Dee Maxwell Kemanyan and Uriah Glaybo.

In a related development, Sekou Konneh’s campaign team includes Sekou Konneh, VPA and Adolph Lawrence, Mustapha Raji, Wilmot Smith, Sam Ashley, Adolphus Harmon, Cyrus Wright, Lemuel Sherman and Yanqueh Borsay.

The remaining two slots have been allotted to Dee-Maxwell Kemanyan and D. Sheba Brown.


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