Konneh Hopeful of Being Elected 1st Veep of LFA


Aspiring first vice presidential candidate at the forthcoming LFA elections, Sekou Konneh, has said that he is hopeful of being elected to the position.

“The reason is that stakeholders are aware of my ability to make things happen and things will happen for the good of Liberian football,” Konneh said in an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday.

The BYC president said, “In the last election, it was highly said that former players should be considered to be part of the administration and therefore that idea was encouraged.

“But now the stakeholders can now evaluate the result of that idea and frankly I think it is time that as a sports administrator I take my proper place.”

Konneh who once coached Bodyworks FC, formerly of the Central Monrovia LFA Sub-committee and presently president of champion club, BYC, said Liberian football needs his wealth of knowledge to take the game to a higher level.

“For a long time we have wished for an U20 and U17 teams to better represent our country,” Konneh said, “we have not been able to develop them and it is about time I join the administration to help Liberian football and particularly the youths.”

He said as part of the administration, he would encourage transparency and ensure that among other things, there are referees assessors to encourage fair-play.

“The administration needs a new dynamism to get things move forward,” Konneh, who is also assistant professor of anthropology and chairman of the department of sociology and anthropology at the University of Liberia, said.

“I am a task center where things are prioritized,” Konneh said. “The position of first vice president demands someone whose wealth of experience is respected by all and sundry.”

As president of BYC, he has encouraged the players to play the game and go to school, so that when the soccer days are over, the knowledge gained from their education would take over.

Candidate Konneh brought up ex international players, Dionysius Sebwe, (now deputy minister of youth and sports), Thomas Kojo, recently announced as coach of the national team, and many other players, who became super stars in their careers and headed Invincible Eleven in an interim administration.


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