Junior Oldtimers to Focus on Community Welfare

Installed Officers of the Junior Old-Timers Social &_web.jpg

The president of the Junior Old-timer Social and Athletics Club, Emmanuel Bartee has said that his leadership would focus on the welfare of the community.

Bartee said his administration would spend more money on medicine to identify with clinics and health centers in the community as part of their contribution to the welfare of the community.

Bartee made the remark during the induction of officers-elect of the Junior Old-timer Social and Athletics Club in Monrovia recently.

He said in order to achieve their goal, “The aspect of drinking will be reduced.”

He called on members to put aside their differences, accept reconciliation, peace and unity and rally around his leadership to seek the welfare of the Duport Road community.

Others inducted were Steven Korvah, vice president for administration; Boniface Brownell, vice president for operations; Wilbert V. Bryant, secretary general and George Smith, financial secretary.

Deputy City Mayor of Monrovia, Mr. Julius K. Sele urged old-timers to serve as mentors for the younger generation in their respective communities.


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