JNJ Challenges ‘CAF License C’ Candidates

CAF Elite Instructors Tamba, Brown, participants and right is veteran coach Josiah N. Johnson (Masayo)_web.jpg

The man who talks, breathes and eats soccer, Josiah N. Johnson, yesterday challenged 28 candidates who are participating in the on-going ‘CAF License C’ seminar to be prepared to make a difference in Liberian football.

He told them, “In football, if you win you’re a hero and when you lose you are condemned.”

However, since the participants are very young, which is contrary to the practice around the sub-region, he urged them to demonstrate their willingness to accept instruction to become better coaches.

The seminar, which began on April 20 will end on May 10, and it is being handled by CAF Elite Coach Instructors Francis Tamba and Henry Brown.

“In Europe,” Coach Johnson said, “if you look at the coaches they are people who are in their 50s and 60s.”

“Actually, national coaches are people who are older,” the man known as Masayo, said, “and the reason is that they are more experienced and are able to provide fatherly advice to the players.”

Masayo, who was appointed as head coach of Lone Star in 1986, said it was due to Lone Star’s victory at the 6-Nations Tournament in Liberia that the late President William Tolbert was impressed to start the blueprint for what became known as the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex.

“What you must learn and be able to offer your players,” Johnson said, “are the fundamentals, including discipline and psychology to serve as solid foundation for their upbringing.”

Masayo told the coaches that when he was in Germany, one of his instructors said if he had known about the challenges in football coaching, he would have become a boxing coach instead.

“Because if a boxer fails to adhere to his training principles,” he said, “the athlete is the one who will absorb the pains in a bout.”

He urged the coaches to make the work of CAF Assessors Tamba and Brown beneficial by absorbing all they could from the seminar and must be mentally, physically and technically inclined to go forward to be the new advocates for the improvement of Liberian football.

At the program yesterday, individual coaches carried out oral presentation of what they have learned so far.

Meanwhile in a communication from CAF
Director of Football Development Abdel Moneim Hussein-Shatta confirmed that both Francis Tamba and Henry Brown are “CAF Elite Coaching Instructors” with the criteria and competency to conduct and assess C coaching locally and abroad.

CAF confirmed that “it will approve the results of the assessment signed by them.”



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