House Clerks’ Ill-advised Protest to FIFA Shows Ignorance

Musa Bility, left, does not need any distraction anym_web.jpg

Besides the comical aspect of it, the House of Representatives’ Chief Clerk and deputy may have seen how ill-advised they were encouraged to tread on an area that is beyond them.

Chief Clerk Mildred N. Sayon and her deputy J. Sayfura Geplay were reported to have on separate occasions, complained to FIFA, the world’s football controlling body about the candidacy of then incumbent Musa Bility, for the presidency of the LFA.

It has never been revealed anywhere that Mildred and Geplay are followers of Liberian football. But if they are, which I have no reason to doubt, they should have known that FIFA does not deal with those outside its authority.

With their current positions in the House of Representatives, it is difficult to understand how in the world they thought that FIFA or CAF would listen to their concerns and act upon it.

Now they know that by contacting FIFA with concerns that can be settled at home with statutes and rules that already in place, they have exposed their ignorance to how football matters work.

But their ignorance apart, they have helped to educate many people who may have thought that they could contact FIFA and CAF with their personal concerns, and demand correction.

Even if there is any reason in Mildred and Geplay’s claim, they should have known that the organic laws of Liberia have not convicted Musa Bility for whatever crimes many have assumed he has committed.

Even though Musa Bility has not been convicted by any court in Liberia; even though he enjoys the confidence of stakeholders, Mildred and Geplay, and their sponsors deliberately have not allowed those facts to help them treat Musa Bility with the respect that he is due as president of the Liberia Football Association.

Does the Liberian law not say a man is innocent until he is proving guilty? Another question is: why was there no candidate to challenge Bility for the LFA president? Mildred and Geplay must not allow themselves to be used by those with ulterior motive and receive reprimand by an international body like FIFA.

Football rules are enshrined in its statues and regulations and these are found at the Liberia Football Association. In reality the House of Representatives must interfere in football administration, as insisted by CAF and FIFA.

All the same it is up to Liberia to ensure that enough funds and infrastructures are provided and built to develop and improve the living and physical well-being of the youths. That does not mean we should wait for CAF and FIFA to do just that and so when we are confronted with issues that demand attention, we must be able to settle them at home and do not expose our ignorance to international ridicule as we have done.


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