Gov’t Blamed for Poor State of Football

FIFA and CAF match Commissioner G. Andy_web.jpg

FIFA and CAF Match Commissioner, G. Andy Quamie, has blamed the Liberian government for the continuous pathetic condition of football development in the country.

Quamie said the lack of football infrastructure; poor state of clubs and the unattractiveness of the national league exist because of the government’s failure to invest in football structures and provide subsidy to clubs for their upkeeps.

The FIFA and CAF Match Commissioner who recently returned from an International Match Commissioners Seminar in Cairo, Egypt said the government should emulate other West African governments to promote and develop football.

Quamie, who is also a member of the CAF’s Media Committee said the South African government has built 36 stadiums and leased them to PSL, while the Ghanaian government allocated US$12m for the national league.

He said governments in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Cameroon, and other countries, have provided massive support to develop sports.

“We must invest in football development to be able to compete with countries in the sub-region,” Quarmie said.

He added: “And Liberian government must also invest to sustain the clubs as it is done in other countries in Liberia.”

The senior vice president of 1st division Watanga FC said at least US$1m infusion into the national league would raise the standard of the league.

He also agreed with Liberia’s football chief Musa Bility for the annual US$5m for the development of football according to the National Football Development Plan.


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