GOL Must Put Money in Football

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The poor performance of our national football team should not be attributed to Mr. Musa H. Bility’s administration. Since Lone Star’s participation of the African Nations Cup in Mali and the dissolution of the team by former President Charles Taylor, we have been unable to build a winsome team.

Mr. Willard Russell and Hon. Edwin Snowe in their respective administrations met well-organized national teams. Almost 60% of players that played in the 1996 Nations Cup in South Africa were players who played together from 1986-1996 and up to 2002, which was then Hon. Snowe’s administration.

Hassan Bility met no national team hence we must now go back to the drawing board. It also means that the Liberian government owns the national team and should provide financial support to the team. The regime of the late William R. Tolbert won the 6-Nation Tournament in 1979. Prior to the tournament, the then Lone Star team was sent to Germany for training. The late President Samuel K. Doe sent coaches and the national team to Brazil for training. Brazilians were naturalized and played for Lone Star. Ambassador George Weah, James Salinsa Debbah and other former Lone Star players benefited from the training.

Former President Charles Taylor, from 2000-2002 spent over US$2million on Lone Star in the World Cup and the Nations Cup of 2002 but for unknown reasons we were unable to qualify for the World Cup but qualified for the Nations Cup. Football is money, no money no football. African countries at the 2014 World Cup spent over million United States dollars. Our clubs are unable to contract other nationals for our league as it was done during the past regimes of the late Presidents Tolbert and Doe.

The national legislature and the executive branch should put money in the budget for football development.

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