Football House Worried over Allotment in Nat’l Budget

Acting President of the Liberia Football .jpg

Two days after the submission of the 2014/2015 National Budget to the Legislature by the Ministry of Finance & Development Planning, the Liberia Football Association has expressed concern about its recommended allotment of US$500K to promote and develop football in the country including the erection of stadiums and sponsoring of grassroots programs.

The acting president of LFA, Musa Shannon said the football house will need US$5m to be able to provide long-term value participation for young people and build sports stadiums.
Shannon said the sports stadiums would not only have the potential to increase participation but also reduce anti-social behavior.

He made the remarks in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer yesterday in Monrovia.

He further stated that the allotment of US$5m would also be able to develop grassroots football across the country.

Shannon urged the Legislature to substantially boost football allotment if the Ministry of Youth and Sports through the Executive Branch forgot to consider LFA’s recommendation.

“It will be a positive move if the Ministry of Youth and Sports give us what we proposed, but if for any reason the Ministry fails, we want to urge the Legislature to invest in Liberian football for the sake of the youthful population,” Shannon said.

He added: “For Liberia to be on par with other countries in football we must support football like those countries are doing.”

It may be recalled that on April 14 2014, the LFA submitted a football program to the Liberian government in the amount of US$5m.

Bility said the program highlighted the erection of sports infrastructure and youthful football programs amongst others.

A month later, in a press conference, Bility reiterated the need for the allocation of US$5m in the 2014/2015 national budget, arguing that the LFA needs a fair share of the country’s resources to develop the game in the country.


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