FOJ Endorses Bility’s FIFA Presidency Bid


The Friends of Dr. J. Mills Jones, known as ‘Friends of Jones,’ has endorsed Musa Bility’s candidacy for the presidency of the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA.)

Speaking at a press conference in Paynesville last week, deputy head of the secretariat of Friends of Jones (FOJ), Mr. Robert Jackson, said the organization sees it as expedient to publicly express its support and endorsement to the candidacy of
Liberia’s own Musa Hassan Bility for taking the bold and courageous step to contest for the highest office of FIFA in February 2016.

Mr. Jackson asserted that the FOJ has no doubts in Mr. Bility’s competence to lead the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) during this critical period of the federation.

“It’s about time that Liberians rise to the occasion and venture into FIFA and take Liberia’s rightful place amongst the comity of nations and rally around his candidacy,” he said.

He urged Liberians not to create any limitations in their mind as a people because Liberians have over the years won enviable laurels on the global stage.

The candidacy of Mr. Bility, he said, provides a fresh opportunity to extend the record of leadership and Liberians should rally around and support his candidacy.

He said Liberia as a member of the international body, FIFA, is very much concerned about the current crisis in FIFA as it is very unfortunate, “therefore, as the opportunity presents itself for new elections for FIFA President, the Friends of Jones called on all well meaning Liberians to support the son of the soil in his quest to bring pride to this great nation.”

The success of Mr. Bility in becoming FIFA president will bring attention to Liberia and moreover, give greater opportunity to the new and young talents in the soccer world and in other areas in need of talented leadership, he said.

“We support such initiative in every sphere of human endeavour believing that every Liberian, if given the opportunity and the enabling environment, can make significant contribution to this country and the international community.

“It is for this reason that the FOJ wholeheartedly support and endorse Mr. Musa Bility’s candidacy for the Presidency of FIFA,” added Mr. Jackson.

The FOJ is a grassroots organization that believes in the empowerment of Liberians who desire to confront challenges and live beyond mediocrity.


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