FIVB Instructor Explains Roadmap to Int’l Referee Status


International volleyball instructor, Solomon Bekele, has disclosed criteria for Liberian volley referees to take-on in order to become international volleyball referees.

The retired Ethiopian international referee told the Daily Observer in an interview yesterday that there are three basic requisites.

He named the first step as the current referee-training course that is ongoing at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex.

Mr. Bekele said the names of the successful candidates at the end of the 5-day workshop upon the completion of a two-day practical test (on Thursday and Friday) and a theoretical test (on Saturday) would be sent to the Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) as National Referees of Liberia.

He said the second step involves thriving candidates exhibiting love and passion for volleyball and hardworking by officiating volleyball games in the country for three consecutive years.

He stated that during those years, the Liberia Volleyball Federation (LVF) will send their names to FIVB as national referees.

“At the end of the third year they will participate in an advanced referees training course and when they pass, they will automatically become FIVB international referees,” Mr. Bekele said.

He added: “A passionate volleyball referee who has the vision of becoming an international referee must be committed in the local games to get the FIVB badge.”

Mr. Bekele is a retired Ethiopian player, who plays the setter position and was also a coach. He is the first international Ethiopian volleyball referee with 25 years of experience. He became an international volleyball instructor of FIVB in 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand.

About 35 referees from volleyball clubs, high schools, universities, communities and the counties are participating in the seminar sponsored by FIVB.


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