First School Oldtimers Get New Leadership


On the eve of Christmas 2016, a new leadership of the First School Social, Athletics and Development Club, based between GSA Road and Joe Bar Communities in Paynesville, were inaugurated for the next two years, December 24, 2016 – December 24, 2018.

The installation officer, Mr. Julius Sele, who is the Executive Director of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) told the leadership to faithfully discharge their duties as a community-based organization in helping to promote development.

The program was held at the First School Sport Pitch in the Samuel Dahn Community, GSA road, Paynesville.

Mr. Sele, in a brief statement to the all-men leadership, admonished them to help sustain the peace and shun violence in any form and manner.

Officers installed were Isaac G. Redd, president; Momolu Massaaquio, vice president for administration; Vivion Cooke, vice president for operations; Benjamin Warner, secretary general and Lamin Tyee, financial secretary, among others.

In the president’s inaugural address speech, Mr. Redd said he will build stronger ties with and among the members and bring value to being their brother’s keeper.

He promised to also help the government in the fight against violence, tax invasion and other un-democratic vices.

“We will reach out through specialized committees to address issues of social concerns, including rehabilitation of kids from drug addiction and sex for money habits; we will encourage kids who demonstrate need for learning by giving their parents a helping hand, and we will be a big family of love and peace in this community,” Mr. Redd said.

He added “Our role as a development club will expand to fighting crimes and child labor practices across the country beginning at the GSA road and Joe Bar Communities.”

He added: “First School will work with intellectual groups to use sports and social engagement to educate our people on the need to participate in civil activities including their rights to vote, paying taxes, community clean-up exercises, reporting crime and drug abuse cells.”

In order to support the organization, Redd said they will work with members to ensure the constitutional monthly dues are paid and would seek new members in the diaspora with the hope of exploring potential opportunities.

He further said: “As responsible men and women in this community and beyond, we should set example in our conduct on and off the field.

We will not spare any member who will conduct his or her self in a manner that will bring us to public ridicule.”

Meanwhile, he pointed out that sports is a vehicle which promotes peace, unity and creates and sustains people, and therefore, he called on Chief Patron of Sports – President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf – and members of the Legislature to redouble their support to the annual County Meet.

“The enthusiasm that accompanied the National County Meet in this year’s event is missing. Support to the County Meet is faint and if we are committed to achieving the true intent of the County Meet, we must do more,” Redd said.

Though, he didn’t give details on the lack of support in the County Meet and the lack of enthusiasm in the ongoing County Meet which is in its quarterfinals, but it has been reported that there is a low turnout at the games.


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