Dr. Sawyer Endorses Bility FIFA Bid


It is a plus to the Musa Bility campaign with eminent statesman Amos Sawyer taking the lead to endorse the FIFA presidential bid of Musa Bility, sports pundits have said.

In a statement issued yesterday, Dr. Amos Sawyer stated his delight over news of the acceptance of the nomination of Musa Bility for the FIFA leadership.

Excerpt of the release: “I have received with tremendous joy and pride the news that Musa Bility, President of the Liberian Football Association (LFA) has been nominated as a candidate for President of FIFA…”

Sawyer as one of the doyens of Liberian politics whose thoughts on issues have the effect of winning hearts and minds beyond the borders of Liberia is upbeat about the chances of Bility in passing the integrity litmus test as critical criterion for the elections of any FIFA president.

While congratulating the Liberia Football Associations for making Liberians proud he said. “Mr. Bility’s achievement along with the Lone Star’s recent successes inspires us Liberians to believe in ourselves and in homegrown initiatives. Now that Bility and the LFA have been able to reach this milestone, Liberia needs to rally behind him, using all of our diplomatic resources and international connections to win further regional and global support for his candidacy. Let this be Liberia’s cause and Liberia’s glory!”

This development of an esteemed statesman making the clarion call for local support and goodwill to be accorded the ‘Team Bility’ will translate in substantial gains in the coming days.

“Sawyer is not an empty talker or flatterer, his gut feelings about the character of Bility has the potential of translating into support,” UL Political Science student and football enthusiasts Roland Kpadeh commented.

In a recent press conference to disclose to the Liberian people the acceptance of his nomination, Bility dispelled suggestion that he is a joker.

On the contrary, he promised to put up a strong fight in making all Africans proud.

He thumped chest over the edge he has over other African contenders in terms of having been involved in the inner workings of the FIFA politics on firm principle, much to his victimization by reactionary forces he is poised to replace.

It has been suggested that the re-ordering drive of Bility in making FIFA more responsive to local Football Associations around the world would translates into votes to astound the rest of the world.

A rather confident Bility said he will not take the elections to chance but a laser effective campaign that will seek to sell his platform to those that matter, those with voting rights.

In a related development Africa’s richest Football star Samuel Eto was on the BBC Focus on Africa drumming support for any of the contenders from Africa.

The increasing local support base for Bility is of the view that the comment of Eto could play out in favor of their man with a better profile than the other Africans gunning for the FIFA presidency.


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