Court Injunction Hangs Over LFA Elections


Credible information from a secret meeting say denied applicants for the forthcoming LFA elections have agreed to file a writ of injunction against the elections if the Elections Committee, headed by Malcolm Joseph failed to provide statutory reasons of their exclusion.

The aggrieved stakeholders, earlier this week at a local resort in Monrovia, said the court’s injunction is to address their rights regarding on their disqualification according to the LFA’s Statutes, the Electoral Code and CAF and FIFA Statutes.

According to the civil law court proceeding, if the ‘petition of injunction’ is filed the court may send a writ of preliminary injunction along with the plaintiff’s petition to stall all processes relating to the football elections until a preliminary hearing is heard and otherwise.

The LFA’s Election Committee, in a press release, which bore only the signature of Chairman Joseph without the signatures of the other two members qualified and disqualified applicants for the March 22, 2014 elections which is expected to be held in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The release announcing the qualification of candidates said it was done following a very careful and rigorous screening process of documents submitted… as well as a review of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) Statutes, the Electoral Code and CAF and FIFA Statutes, the Elections Committee (has) placed a “hold” on five candidates for further clarification.

Those concerned were, Cyrus N. Wright and Mr. Dee Maxwell S. Kemayah for inconsistencies with the signature and letterhead of one of the letters of nomination from Earth Angels and Korpu Beatrice Kpoto and Aliou Bah for educational requirements.

Others were Adolph Lawrence and Alfred Sayon for double nominations by Garnerville FC, and they are contesting the post of the Vice President for Operations.

The qualified 17 candidates are: for the Executive Committee Lemuel B. Sherman, Allian Klayee, Samuel Y. Karn, Ansu V.S. Dulleh, Rochell G.D. Woodson, Adolphus G. Harmon and Matthew Smith.

The rest are Samuel Ashley, Wilmot Smith, Yanqueh S. Borsay, Urias Glaybo, Mustapha I. Raji, D. Sheba Browne, Wallace G. Weiah and Ciata A. Bishop – Female Representative to the Executive Committee.

Incumbent football Chief H. Musa Bility was the only applicant while for the Vice President for Administration, sitting Musa Shannon and Sekou Konneh of BYC are eligible to run for the position.

The Elections Committee assured candidates of expeditious, fair and independent examination their written concerns and in accordance with all relevant statutes, laws and codes as well as taking into account individual and collective reputation will act for the common good of football in Liberia.


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