‘Coaches Appointment Right Direction,’ JNJ

Veteran Coach Josiah N. Johnson_web.jpg

The appointments of former Lone Star players as managers for national soccer teams is the right step for their progress, veteran coach Josiah N. Johnson said in a release yesterday.

The man known as Masayo, who in the 1960s played alongside midfielder Philip Robinson, George Sackor and Garretson Sackor, appealed to the newly appointed coaches, including James Salinsa Debbah, Kervin Sebwe, Thomas Kojo, Janjay Jacobs, Oliver Makar and Christopher Wreh to reflect on what made them successful as footballers.

“They must then apply their experience to their duties,” Masayo said.

He reminded the newly appointed coaches that during his playing days, “We did not wait until there was a competition before training for it.”

He said, “Two days in every week were chosen for Lone Star training and after each training coaches and players would be taken to dine at a restaurant.”

He said test matches were regular and advanced training for coaches and players abroad were provided by the Liberian government, along with the LFA.

He noted that the administration of Mr. Musa Hassan Bility means well for Liberian football and hoped that former celebrated star James Salinsa Debbah and the rest of his friends would receive the fullest cooperation from the Liberian government.

“Coach Debbah and his colleagues have tremendous tasks to perform and we need to give them our financial and our usual moral support,” Masayo said.


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