Campaign against Ebola Stigma Intensifies

“Stop stigmatization of Ebola survivors”_web.jpg

Former Lone Star players, headed by defender Dionysius Sebwe has intensified campaign against the stigmatization of victims who have been cured of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) as part of their one-month awareness “Stop the Stigma against Ebola Survivors and Ebola is still real,” campaign.

Sebwe said testing positive for Ebola can be a death sentence, so those that survive the disease feel fortunate, even blessed, but in the eyes of many Liberians, such survivors still carry the infection and must be shunned.

The former Deputy Minister of sports and five other former players have been using the airwaves and the print media campaigning that the ‘stigmatization of Ebola survivors must stop.”

The players include Kervin Sebwe, Musa Shannon, James Salinsa Debah, Christopher Wleh and Oliver Markor.

They stated that when one is isolated during a fight with Ebola and survived, the individual emerged into isolation in his community.

“We have to stop stigmatizing Ebola survivors and welcome them back into our homes and communities,” he said.

Speaking yesterday during the regular Ebola Hour at the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT), Musa Shannon said, “We must make sure that we stop stigmatizing survivors and must show tolerance, empathy and understanding.”

The campaign is also urging Liberians to report unusual illnesses and to welcome their families and friends who have survived the Ebola back home.

“Our second priority is to continue to let the public know that Ebola is still real and we must demand that communities continue to follow all the safety protocols that we have been following for the last seven months,” Shannon noted.


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