BYC Miracle Man Sekou Konneh Envisions Success at LFA

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The president of champion club, Barrack Young Controllers, Prof. Sekou Konneh who is contesting for the first vice president position in the Liberia Football Association’s forthcoming elections, has explained the many reasons that he believes stakeholders may consider him to bring relevance to football development on the country. Mr. Konneh, the miracle man whose vision has seen dramatic positive improvements in champion club Barrack Young Controllers, granted an interview to the Daily Observer, and the following are excerpts: Question: Why have you decided to contest for the 1st Vice President of the LFA? Konneh: I ran for the same position during President Musa Bility’s first elections. Challengingly, there were four of us for the position. However, I came short of three votes. At the time it was highly held among the stakeholders that it would have been better for those who have played the game before to be allowed to run for positions to give back what the game gave them. One of the reasons that I ran and of which I’m still holding on to run is to ensure that some dynamism is brought into the administration of football at the Liberia Football Association. Question: Has there been enough improvement in the game since the last election even with the involvement of at least one of those who actively played for the Lone Star? Konneh: It makes it interesting to see what any of the members of the national team has done for the improvement of the game. While that is one aspect of it, I think this time around the changes that are needed are greater and therefore I have decided to get my shot at the vice president position. On the issue of dynamism, our game needs energy, enthusiasm that can come from those with vision, and understand where Liberian football should go. Question: What is this dynamism that you talk about? Konneh: Liberian football faces major challenges: we have challenges in youth development where the young people need more positive role models and consistent message that no matter what has happened in their lives, they can rise against every odd and make a difference, not only for themselves but also for their country. Question: What are the specifics? Konneh: Our national experience suggests more pressing problems for young people, particularly sportsmen to be practically encouraged to use education, alongside playing the game. On the administrative side, we need financial discipline, focusing on the objective of our football development. Question: Does it suggest that the LFA must rise above its mere appeal to club owners for their players to attend school? Konneh: Absolutely. First of all there is the LFA Secretariat that runs the day to day affairs of the association. Among the responsibilities of the 1st Vice President, includes the use of direct contacts to the clubs’ presidents to ensure that LFA’s objective of encouraging mass education for footballers is achieved. I am a task center and as we have been working with Barrack Young Controllers, such success can and must be accomplished at the LFA. Question: Have the stakeholders, your colleagues who determine the outcome of the elections shared your vision to contest the LFA’s 1st vice president position? Konneh: There is no question about that. We have worked together, and discussed some of the issues that continue to confront the LFA together. We have also suggested solutions and I have their fullest support. They are with me and I trust their commitment.


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