Buchanan Residents Unaware of LFA’s 19th Congress


Sports loving residents of Liberia’s second unofficial capital, Buchanan, Grand Bassa County did not know that the 19th Congress of the Liberia Football Association was being held last Saturday in the city.

A survey conducted by the Daily Observer on Tubman Street, in the heart of Buchanan revealed that they were more aware of European league matches that week than what was happening at the Bassa High School where stakeholders of the Liberia Football Association, were convening to make decisions that would govern Liberian football for the next four years.

A visit to a Hataye Center on Tubman Street saw several young men who had congregated but discussing their chances of making money that weekend’s European Games (Winners).

Two residents who gave their names as Lawrence and then Konneh, and others were surprised when they learned that the 19th Congress of the Liberia Football Association was going on in the city.

“They were here almost two years ago,” Lawrence said, “and they are here today. But there is nothing that they will leave behind for Buchanan to be proud of.”

He said due to poor dissemination of information, many of Buchanan residents did not know that such an important occasion that its decisions would have bearing on Liberian football was being held in the port city.

Resident Konneh regretted that many in Grand Bassa were unaware of the event, since, “its decisions will bear much on Liberian football.”

Resident Lawrence also said, “Whenever a big occasion of such nature is held in a particular place, something important should be done to recognize the occasion.”

He suggested that the Liberia Football Association should not only hold such an occasion at a County and be done with it.

“At least the LFA should have helped the LFA Sub-Association in Bassa complete its headquarters,” Lawrence said, “if that had happened it could have served as a form of an infrastructural development for the city.”

He also appealed to the LFA to ensure that whenever a Congress is held in any Liberian city, the FA must help leave some development initiative for the city to remember its presence.

The 19th Congress was held on the Campus of the Bassa High School on Tubman Street in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.


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