Browne Re-elected Unopposed as LNOC President


The twenty-nine member representatives of sports associations and federations last Friday re-elected incumbent President Philipbert Browne on a white ballot for the next four years.

Also elected was Mr. Fred Pratt as secretary general who took over from Joseph Willie, who will now be a consultant to the LNOC.

A. Tokpa was elected assistant secretary general and Ms. Sheba Browne was also elected chairperson of the Ways & Means Committee of the LNOC.

Others appointed to chief de missions included George Gould (Tokyo 2020), B. Korvah (ANOC maiden Beach in California, USA, date to be announced), Taekwondo president (ANOCA Youth Games, Algeria in 2018), Malcolm Joseph (IOC Youth Games in Argentina, 2018).

Others included the president of the Liberia Volleyball Association as chef de mission to the All Africa Games in Algeria in 2018.

Mr. Browne in an interview yesterday told the Daily Observer that the Sports Writers Association of Liberia would submit names of five journalists for the various games.

Though he regretted that SWAL did not submit the list to have been perused by members at the congress, he said the LNOC is still waiting for the submission of the list.

Though Mr. Browne seemed to have been overwhelmed by his election, since he said before the congress that he would welcome another candidate, he said the LNOC is determined to work to better Liberian sports and athletes, as well as administrators.

He called for cooperation with federations and associations whose sports are part of the Olympic family, and noted that it is about time for Liberian sports to take another but improved level.


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