Bility Sails Through Unopposed!


The President of the Liberia Football Association is riding a smooth sailing as the only candidate for the presidential elections, according to information reaching the Daily Observer.

As of the deadline for the receipt of applications from aspirants on arrived on Friday, February 21, 2014, only the incumbent (Musa Bility) has completed his application for the post of the president.

LFA Elections Committee chairman Malcolm Joseph told the Daily Observer: “Qualification and publication of candidates’ names will be released soon.”

The Daily Observer learned that the following candidates have completed their applications for their various positions: Fassel FC’s president Cassel Kuoh and Alfred Sayon have applied for the seat of the Vice President for Operations, along with the incumbent Adolph Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence is the President of Small Town FC (Rep. District#15, Montserrado County.)

BYC Football president Sekou Konneh will be challenging sitting Musa Shannon for the position of Vice President for Administration.

Besides the contested seats for the president and two vice presidents, there are 10 seats for the executive committee with a seat allotted exclusively for a female representative.

Island Queen’s president Siatta Bishop has applied for the lone ‘female representative seat,’ while the following 15 persons have applied for the remaining nine seats:

Mustapha Raji, Dee-Maxwell Kemayan, D. Sheba Brown, Wallace Weiah, Lemuel Sherman, Rochell Woodson and Cyrus Wright.

Others are Rev. John Allen Klayee, Mamie Kpoto, Uriah Gleebo, Ansu Dorleh, Wilmot Smith, Matthew Smith, Samuel Karn and Sam Ashley.

On facebook Secretary General (LFA), Alphonso Armah acknowledged the deadline for the receipt of application from candidates and disclosed that FIFA has been notified.

He could, however, not comment on the publication of eligible voters, the deadline which should have been the 21st of February, 2014, as well as the commencement of campaign which would have run from February 21 to the midnight of March 21, 2014, according to the elections guideline.

Another issue is the election of three substitute members of the elections commission in case of resignation, death or incapacitation.

According to the LFA’s electoral code, congress should have voted and confirmed members and substitute members of the elections, election appeal and appeal committees.

“The electoral committee is elected, in accordance with the provisions of the LFA Electoral Code, by the LFA congress for a term of four years at the final LFA congress taking place before the elective LFA congress.   

The LFA congress also elects three substitute members of the electoral committee as well as the three members of the election appeal committee and two substitute members for the appeal committee,” Article 4.1 of the LFA electoral code said.

It can be recalled, on January 18, 2014, stakeholders at the extra-ordinary of LFA unanimously endorsed the new statutes and the nominations from the executive committee on members of the elections, election appeal, appeal and other committees without substitute members.

Those elected and confirmed by congress as commissioners for four years, include Malcolm Joseph, chairman; Papa Kamara, deputy chairman and Abraham Kaydea, member.

The secretary general of the LFA, according to the LFA electoral code, is serving as secretary to the committee.


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