Bility: “I am not joking on my FIFA Bid”

Liberia’s football president Bility.jpg

Amidst criticism regarding surrendering his candidacy in the FIFA Presidency if CAF President Issa Hayatou declared his intension, Liberia football boss has reaffirmed his intension to run for the football top post and indicated that he is not “joking as others think he is on his FIFA candidacy bid.”

Mr. Musa Bility, in a strong tone said as far he knows he is the only person in Africa who has made public his intention for the FIFA presidency and he would never again respond to speculation about Hayatou’s bid.

Bility told sports reporters on Friday after he presented the 1st Place Trophy to the Liberia Broadcasting System in the 2015 Special Intra-Governmental Tournament that he is serious about his desire to run for FIFA post.

“I know I am not joking about contesting the FIFA Presidency – so those that think I’m joking, they are the joker, cause I am not and would never be a joker,” Mr. Bility said. “And I have decided not to respond to any supposition again, so if anybody puts their hands up, then you can come to me for my respond.”

The LFA boss also said he has consulted the chairmen of regional football organizations and his friends before declaring his intention for the FIFA presidency.

It may be recalled that Bility told the BBC that he would step aside if the Confederation of African Football (Caf) boss Issa Hayatou wants to bid for the Fifa presidency.

Bility announced his intention to stand in June after current Fifa president Sepp Blatter announced he would step down amid allegations of corruption among officials.

“I believe that if the president of Caf puts up his hand up to run, I would definitely bow out of the race to him,” Bility told BBC Sport.

The 48-year-old Bility is the second person to declare his candidacy after former Brazil international Zico.

Bility, who has led the Liberian FA since 2010, is only the second African to make a bid to become Fifa president after Hayatou lost to Blatter in 2002.


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