Bility Decries Superficial Changes in FIFA


Despite being denied participation in the incoming FIFA presidential elections, LFA President Musa Bility has said that his fight for better things to happen in FIFA is not over.

He told LBS radio yesterday, during the finals of the National County Meet, at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium that though there are changes coming into FIFA, “they are superficial.”

Bility regretted that the same people that created bad image for FIFA are the very people who are taking over the world football controlling body.

“I will continue to insist that positive things happen in FIFA,” Bility told LBS radio, “and so my fight for concrete developments in FIFA is not over.”

He stressed the need for those who are connected for the mess in FIFA to be thrown out of the world football controlling body.

FIFA’s Ad-Hoc Elections Committee recently denied Mr. Bility the chance to contest its presidential elections, a decision that was upheld by the Court for Administration of Sport (CAS), that is yet to explain its position for upholding the previous decision.

The clause to deny Mr. Bility was under FIFA’s Integrity Check for presidential aspirants, citing what Bility has described as “spurious” decisions and reporting in the media.

Meanwhile, the just released FIFA Statutes sent to all regional and continental members has crossed out ‘Integrity Check,’ from procedures on future presidential aspirants.

At his annual message with sports journalists, recently Bility said though he was denied the privilege to run, his advocacy has paved the way for the removal of ‘Integrity Check’ on aspiring candidates, and he expressed the opinion that FIFA may as well keep integrity check as part of the procedure.

“I will wish that FIFA can keep Integrity Check as part of the procedure since I was made a sacrificial lamb for it,” Bility told the Daily Observer in a recent interview. “I am however gratified that I have made FIFA to remove what was not justified from the statutes.”


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